Hangzhou Polytechnic Holds the 2021 Commencement for the First Batch of South African Students of Diploma Education Program

Publisher:Office of International EducationRelease time:2021-12-06Viewed:21

The 2021 Graduation Ceremony was held for the first batch of South African students of diploma education on October 9th at the Conference Hall of the college library, Gaoqiao Campus. Attendees of the event included Wen Zhengbao, President of Hangzhou Polytechnic, Zhao Yuelin, Vice President of Hangzhou Polytechnic, leaders from relevant functional offices, and persons in charge, teacher representatives, all the 22 South African students and student representatives from School of Intelligent Manufacturing.

Wen Zhengbao awarded diplomas to the South African students and expressed his congratulations on their accomplishment and appreciation of their industriousness manifested during the past two years under the grave circumstances of global pandemic. Noting that South African students harvested genuine friendship with all the staff and students through apprehension of China’s time-honored history and understanding of diverse and profound Chinese culture, he stressed Hangzhou Polytechnic had, in recent years, supported the Belt and Road Initiative by means of enhancing frequent exchanges with South Africa in terms of high-quality vocational education and production technologies, and cultivating technical and skilled talents of familiarity with Chinese technology, products, and standards, and enthusiasm in boosting China-South Africa cooperation. He urged all the students to become messengers of Chinese culture and make contributions to promoting Chinese culture back in South Africa.

Zhao Yuelin presented certificates to the winners of 2020 Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship, 2019 Hangzhou Municipal Government Scholarship and other activities. He wished all the students a smooth trip back home and welcomed them back to their alma mater.

Luo Xiaoye, Dean of School of Intelligent Manufacturing, Chen Songtao, Deputy Director of Chinese Culture and International Education Exchange Center in South Africa, and Zhou Caigen, assistant general manager of Zhejiang Kaida Machine Tool Co., Ltd, delivered speeches of encouragement and best wishes to the students.

Mkhwanazi Mpilwenhle, the student representative, made a commencement address in Chinese to express his gratitude to his alma mater. He said all the South African students had gained knowledge and friendship thanks to the cultivation of Hangzhou Polytechnic during the past two years, which would be an inspiration for their further progress in theories and professional skills.

Thunderous applause and cheers were given to the performance jointly staged by Chinese and South African students at the graduation ceremony.