The School of Internet of Things Technologyhereinafter SITT was established in September 2009. So far, the number of full-time students in SITT is about 1500. SITT has a faculty of 60 members of academic competences, teaching experience and devotion to their work. Among them, 18 are with senior titles, 90% have Master’s degree or above, and 90% are double-position teachers. There is 1 Leading Expert of the “National Ten Thousand Talents Program”, 1 specialist receiving special allowance of The State Council, 2 Provincial Outstanding Teachers, 1 Provincial Promising Young Teacher, 1 Provincial Specialty Leading Person, and 1 Municipal Prominent Teacher. It has established a provincial teaching group and Hangzhou Skill Master Studio (Industrial Internet of Things Innovation Studio), with 2 provincial quality courses, 9 municipal quality courses, 4 provincial quality online open courses, and 4 courses for national teaching resources library. SITT has 1 major supported by the central government, 1 Modern Apprenticeship Pilot Major for the Ministry of Education, 1 provincial superior major, 2 municipal key majors, 1 municipal model major for transferring from secondary to higher vocational education, 1 municipal emerging major and specialty group.

The faculty includes 5 majors: Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Application, Artificial Intelligence(AI) Technology Application, Industrial Internet Application, Electrical Automation Technology, and Applied Electronic Technology. It has taken the lead and will continue proceeding ITInternet Technology and OTOperational Technologyconvergence, aiming to cultivate innovative, comprehensive, and highly qualified technical and skill talents, thereby improving the quality of talents cultivation.

SITT has built 5 modernized training bases, including the Electrical and Electronic Training Base, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Application Training Base, the Industrial Internet and Mobile Internet Application Training Base, the Automation Technology Training Base and Internet of Things (IoT) Comprehensive Training Base, with the total building area of 5,288 square meters and investment in facilities amounting to 24.26 million yuan.

Moreover, there is a National Cultivation and Training Base for E-commerce Double-Position Teaching Workforce in Vocational Education, a Provincial Higher Vocational Education Exemplary Training Base for the 13th Five-Year Plan of Zhejiang (Internet of Things Technology Application Training Base), a municipal key training base (the Mobile Internet Training Base) , and the ARM Embedded Artificial Intelligence Model Training Base. As a provider of high-quality training and certification for the society, we established the Oracle Authorized Education Centre, the National Internet of Things and Rural Informatization Talents Training Base, the Google Android Talents Cultivation Model Base, and the National Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) Training Base.

The School has established a project of “Collaborative Education with Production-Education Integration” from the Ministry of Education with BECSTRONG, constructed “InfoCore College of Cloud Computing Industry” with InfoCore Inc., and developed a close relationship with many other companies such as SUPCON, Insigma Group, Lierda Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. (Dahua Technology), Timeaxis Digital Media Co., Ltd, Dongjian, AUX Group, and East E-Commerce Park. These enterprises invest nearly 3 million in the facilities and construction of the training bases. We launched the Oracle elite class, the Ali Baba class, the Insigma Android class, the Dahua-oriented class, and the Internet of things innovation class. Those have cultivated high-quality technical and skill talents who have been well-received by both enterprises and the society with graduate employment rate over 96% for the past years. The School focuses on the development of students’ vocational capabilities, thus winning over 40 first and second prizes in recent years from national and provincial vocational skills competition, and the Science and Technology Innovation Projects for students in higher educational institutions of Zhejiang Province.

Apart from lectures in class, there are extra-curricular activities to create a civilized, elegant, diversified, and vibrant campus atmosphere. Depending on the six majors, we established a series of professional associations, such as the Chuyan Entrepreneurship studio, Lemon Innovation Studio, Timu Studio, INET Studio, Electronic Innovation Studio, and Automatization Innovation Studio for implementing entrepreneurial and innovative activities. There are clubs and societies for students to join, such as the Thunder Martial Art Association, the Qingting Art Studio, and the Qingyang Sports Studio, enhancing students’ well-being and comprehensive qualities.